Bulldog Nutrition is located at 144 W. Wilson Street, Batavia, IL 60510

The first time I met Jenise Collins I was halfway through a bowl of peanut butter chocolate ice cream while sitting on the patio at Batavia Creamery. Out of nowhere came this beautiful woman with the biggest smile and warmest demeanor offering me a coupon to try out her smoothies over at Bulldog Nutrition. This was before I kicked off the Know Your Neighbors of the Fox Valley video series, but immediately I knew two things. #1. I wanted to be Jenise Collins friend! And #2. I needed to bring my family to her shop for a smoothie ASAP. Jenise is the perfect combination of ambition and kindness that so few people in the world are gifted with. When I met with her this month to get to know her and her small business I was further impressed by her generosity of spirit and community roots she’s grown in Batavia.


If you had told Jenise two years ago that she would be a shop owner in downtown Batavia, I don’t think she would have believed you! She started as a pop up shop and the community in Batavia was so supportive and welcoming she knew it was time to bring her smoothies and big personality full-time to our town. She opened Bulldog Nutrition located at 144 W. Wilson Street (next to East China Inn and Daddio’s) and the rest is, as they say – history! These days you can find Jenise whipping up any one of over 20 smoothies, fresh teas and other seasonal specialties.


It wasn’t long after she opened the doors to her business that she met with her friend and future collaborator, Lethal Lisa. Lisa is a dance teacher and fitness instructor and now puts on weekly Xtreme Hip Hop Step with Lethal Lisa inside Bulldog Nutrition each week. To sign up for one of the beginner classes or group classes send Jenise a message here, or Lethal Lisa here.

Are you looking for a healthy meal alternative or sweet treat? Stop by Bulldog Nutrition, and tell Jenise I said hello!


Favorite Restaurants: Texas Roadhouse, Lawrence’s Fish and Shrimp, Dees’ Place

Things to do: Bowling at Funway, Karaoke at Dee’s Place

Places to Shop: Six Cypress Boutique, Wilson Street Mercantile “Go check out the Unboring Granola guy, his name is Max!”, Marshalls in Geneva.

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Bulldog Nutrition

144 W. Wilson Street, Batavia, IL 60510


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