Hearth & Hammer is located at 160 1st St, Batavia, IL 60510.

Hearth & Hammer was established in 2014 first as a literary candle studio whose focus was to create candles scented around literature and stories. On their website it says “Our scents are inspired by literature and books themselves. Whether it’s the woodsy notes of Thoreau’s Walden Woods or the nostalgic scent of the sea present in The Green Light inspired by The Great Gatsby, our candles are meant to bring your favorite stories to life.” Today Hearth & Hammer is a modern, neighborhood general store and offers so much more than just amazing candles. They have both a brick and mortar store as well as an online presence which offers home goods, pantry items, jewelry, books, children’s items, stationary, gifts and much more.

Hearth & Hammer’s storefront can be found in the heart of Batavia next door to Kiss the Sky Records and Water Street Studio. You can visit Annie and her husband Andy (and business partner) in person Tuesday – Sunday from 11-5pm.

What treasures will you find?

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