You know what I had a hard time finding during the Covid lockdown? Yeast. In fact, friends of mine were swapping what little we had to start making bread at home. It was a thing. Nationally in fact… there are scads of articles detailing the nations obsession with baking at home. So, it’s really no surprise to me that in a house much like your own right here in the Fox Valley a husband and wife (on accident!) started what is now Q&A’s Beignet Café.

Here’s what they have to say about their passion project, which is now a flourishing business, “We’re Q & A(nnie) and welcome to our beignet cafe! This little idea was born during The Great Quarantine of 2020. While we could never quite get the hang of sourdough bread starters, we knew we could perfect the art of french-fried dough! Q is the pâtissier (fancy, aren’t we?) and Annie is the…ahem “sensory evaluator” with typical critiques like, “More powdered sugar!” We love to laugh and we love our “Framily” – that’s friends and family! Everyday is an adventure and we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

The first time I was able to try one of their now famous beignets was when they were at the Batavia Farmers Market. It was an impromptu visit. I was in fact just dropping my daughter off at ballet and was sporting my beloved favorite sweats, fresh face and ponytail – if you want to call it that. I caught sight of the market and couldn’t resist the urge to visit all the amazing vendors for the hour I had free.  I had heard of Q&A’s Beignet Café not only from their well-maintained Instagram page but also from the drool- worthy photos on the feeds of SO many of my friends. With my hands full of fresh produce and local crafted wares I got in the long line to wait for my first taste. To my surprise and delight I ran into no less than three of my friends who had made the trip to the farmers market specifically for Q&A’s Beignet Café. It was love at first bite. And, I had to talk down my 6-year-old from eating the entire bag before we got home to share them with our family.

Don’t know what a beignet is?  To put it simply, beignets are rectangular shaped pieces of dough that are deep fried and generously sprinkled with confectioners’ sugar. Q&A put their own spin on these sweet clouds by topping them with an array of different sugar blends and toppings. My favorite is the cinnamon sugar (who I have my 6-year-old to contend with), my oldest daughter loves the Nutella favor, and my 2-year-old… well she can’t pick just one to love.

So, where can you find Q&A during the off season of the outdoor Batavia Farmer’s Market? Here’s the scoop from their website, “Sundays are for Beignets & Chicory Coffee! Now you can dine-in OR carry out! We’ll be at Fernando’s Street Kitchen most Sundays from 9a – 1p.No Fernando’s fare during these hours. Just the delicious beignets and chicory coffee that you’ve come to know and love! BONUS! Visit Fernando’s and bring in your receipt dated this month for $2 off your Q&As order of $10 or more!”

So, what are you waiting for? Go visit Q&A at their Beignet Café! And tell them Kristine says hello!

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