Six Cypress Boutique is located at 103 E. Wilson Street Batavia, IL 60510.

Six Cypress Boutique is a women’s and men’s fashion store located in the heart of Batavia across from the Batavia Boardwalk Shops and The Comedy Vault. The boutique offers easy to wear (and easy to love!) styles that are perfect for everyday as well as a special night out. What I love most about Six Cypress Boutique is the range of styles all under the same roof. I could bring my high school aged relatives shopping here as well as my mother and her best friends. It’s the perfect blend of trendy and traditional. The owner, Kasey Hoag understands that every person and every body is different. She wanted to make sure that no matter who walked through the doors they were able to find something that they felt comfortable in and matched their own personal style.

Kasey has done a fantastic job with her social media channels, specifically her Instagram. Each one of the team members that works at Six Cypress all have unique tastes and styles. If you look under their Instagram story highlights you will find a unique profile of each person, what their style is like and who influences them. Once you find the person that matches your taste, you call up Six Cypress to try to visit during that team members hours. During my visit I met with Jami whose style is vibrant and preppy and calls Reese Witherspoon her style influence. Jami’s special gift is matching unexpected prints together (think stripes and polka dots for example). When I came in for my visit, I wanted to make sure that I purchased and wore clothing from the boutique to show you readers out there how easy it was to find a cute outfit in a pinch. In less than 10 minutes Kasey and Jami had consulted with me to find my style and pulled several outfits that I immediately fell in love with. Here is a link to the sweater, hat and earrings I wore for the video. And here is the gorgeous pink dress and star necklace that Kacey wore!

They’re also wizards with the most difficult of women’s clothing purchases… jeans! I can’t imagine how hard it would be to manufacture the perfect jean that fit everyone correctly. That’s why Kasey and her team have a denim guide right in front of the jeans section to narrow down the right fit for your body. I ended up with a light wash, high waisted Andie jean. I think I might be living in them for the next several months.

I also love the quality of the items I chose. When I’m at home working on articles like this one or writing  listings for my clients I like to be in something a bit more comfortable. Six Cypress is nailing the at-home wear department. I’m currently wearing a ¾ length oversized sweatshirt with a raw hem on the bottom that is the perfect light brown color (which also has matching sweatpants!). My other favorite buy for everyday is this super soft, ribbed, mock neck shirt.

Kasey and I also chatted about how there’s a relatively large hole in the market for men’s clothing. That’s why she has dedicated the back of her store to men’s clothing and accessories. Again, the styles you find with be clothing that can be worn everyday around the house or to a date night with the special lady (that probably picked out the shirt!).

Kasey’s journey has led her and her family to a new hometown, Valparaiso, IN where she recently opened the doors to her second Six Cypress Boutique location. She’s on a mission to outfit the women and men in her communities with the best quality clothing at an affordable price.

What do you love most about Six Cypress Boutique? Or what fashions have you found that you reach for over and over again? Tell me in the comments! And, next time you are in Six Cypress Boutique tell the girls Kristine says hello!


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Favorite shops: Wilson Street Mercantile, The Vintage Marketplace, and Cocoon.

Favorite things to do in the Fox Valley: Making candles at Scentcerely Yours is so much fun, riding bike trails, and dining outside!


Six Cypress Boutique

103 E. Wilson Street Batavia, IL 60510

(630) 488-8270





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