The Blue Goose Market is located at 300 S 2nd St, St. Charles, IL 60174.

My journey to standing in front of Paul Lencioni in the produce section of the Blue Goose Market was made possible by an introduction from Max Mong, the chef and owner of The Unboring Granola. I was happy to see not only Max’s products at the Blue Goose Market but many other locally made goods popping up on shelves across the store. I dug a little deeper to find that the Blue Goose Market has been in St. Charles for nearly a century, run by the same family upholding the same values over the years. They are committed to bringing the best the Fox Valley has to offer not only by supporting local businesses but also making sure to source the best quality food. They know that the food on their shelves goes to feed their family, their friends and the community they love.

Paul is the fourth generation owner of the Blue Goose Market. He grew up running up and down the aisles of the store and the Blue Goose Market is more than just a grocery store for him. In a way, it’s also his home. The pride he takes in making sure that every person that walks through the store is taken care of is evident not only by the smiling faces of those who do all their regular shopping there but also by what you can find at the Blue Goose Market. Is there a product that you want to see on the shelves and the big box grocers can’t or won’t bring it in? Talk to Paul and his team and watch what they will try to do to order it in for you.

The meat department is also a step above ordinary. Every day of the week the Blue Goose butchers are breaking down prime cuts of meat so you can feed your family the freshest meals. Paul tipped me off to a few of his favorites. First, the fresh ground beef is “the best in town” it doesn’t get any fresher or made with more care. The tomahawk ribeye steaks with the caveman–esque handle is perfect if started on the grill and finished in the oven. The marrow in the bone is where the real treat can be found. And, my personal favorite, and one I’ve purchased three times since filming this episode just two weeks ago (I know, where’s your will power, Kristine!?) are the dry-aged ribeye steaks. I don’t typically eat steak quite so often, but I also have never had such a rich experience before. If you are hosting a dinner party and want to wow your guests, go grab a few of these!
I could go on and on about the other highlights of the store including the rare local and imported cheeses, olives and deli meats and the locally sourced produce. And, don’t get me started on the bakery which has arguably the most well-known and highly-regarded reputation in the Fox Valley as the place to get your favorite treats. They make custom cakes and cookies sure to please all your party guests. I was told you have to try the truffle cookie, and so I did. I can’t tell if I’m happy about that decision or not. I LOVED the cookie, but now I feel the need to eat those all the time too! It’s a warm chocolate chip cookie stuffed with a truffle filling. I know, sounds good, right?! Don’t take my word for it, go see for yourself and then tell me what you think!

I do have to mention that the Blue Goose Market struggles in one area in which almost every small specialty grocery store does. Prices. And not in the way you might think. Small grocery stores get a reputation that their prices are higher than those run by… larger families. Much larger and more well-known families. Families that people around the world are familiar with. Are you following me? Well I did my own price comparison and found that for the value and quality that the Blue Goose provides you really can’t get what you find here at those other big brand stores. The Blue Goose is affordable, and yes, you can make it your one and only place to shop that has everything that you need for your family at a price that will keep your family on budget.

Find out for yourself! And, please let me know what your favorite go-to items are at the Blue Goose. I would love to give them a try!


Blue Goose Market




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