Are you familiar with The Hallow Traveler? If you’re not you should be! Let me introduce you to Eliana Maldonado the owner of this stunning mobile bar. She turned a Vintage 1989 Merhow horse trailer into a mobile bar for all your event needs.  Her name is “Miss Lovegood” – the trailer that is! She is the perfect place to serve all your favorite drinks and bring a unique bar experience to you and your guests. Eliana also has a mini pop-up bar that can be brought inside that she calls “Luna”. Fun fact, Miss Luna was handcrafted by Suzy over at Real Happy Space in Batavia!

So, what’s included when you book an event with The Hallow Traveler? The bar is equipped with everything needed to create an unforgettable event experience. With a team of 1-2 talented bartenders, guests can expect exceptional service throughout the occasion. The bar comes with general and alcohol liability insurance, ensuring the safety and well-being of all attendees. Disposable cups, straws, and cocktail napkins are provided for convenience, allowing guests to enjoy their drinks hassle-free. Fresh fruit and garnishes are available to enhance the flavors of the beverages served. Three types of juices and mixers are on hand to create two signature drink options adding a unique touch to your event experience. The bar is beautifully decorated with tasteful decor and fresh florals and a peacock chair is available for guests to capture memorable photos. All this to make an event you won’t forget!

To learn more about The Hallow Traveler visit the website here:

And follow Eliana on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok!

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