The Tea Tree in Batavia is located at 29 North River St. Batavia, IL 60510.

It was a busy Tuesday when I popped my head into The Tea Tree in Batavia at the end of the summer this year for a quick cold tea to-go. I was in-between listing appointments when I found myself chatting with Missi Hartmann, the owner of The Tea Tree, discussing common interests and what business had been like during a global pandemic. The idea of hosting a video series to help support the community was but a glimmer in my eye at the time, but months later when I was searching for local businesses to feature Missi immediately came to mind.


My husband loves an afternoon cup of tea, he even has the tea pot that tells him the optimal temperature based on the tea variety. So, whenever we are within a few blocks of The Tea Tree we stop in for a fresh cup and a spin around the store.


What you might not know about The Tea Tree is that in addition to having over 75 varieties of fresh loose-leaf teas to choose from, you’ll also find a surprisingly delightful array of balsamic vinegars, olive oils, freshly ground and blended spices, and 100% pure, natural and authentic essential oils. I spent a good amount of time during my visit tasting (yes, you can taste before you buy!) several delicious oils and vinegars that have since been pantry staples in my kitchen. I love the blend of raspberry vinegar with pesto oil over pan seared chicken breast and fresh made pasta. My family has also been using the Cajun spice blends over our shrimp and BBQ rub in our ribs recipe.


Whether you are a tea fan or just love to cook The Tea Tree has just what you are looking for! Are you a beginner in the kitchen or haven’t quite figured out which tea is for you? Missi makes sure that her staff are well-versed in all the offerings in the store. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and try a few samples while you are there!

Do you have a recipe you’ve created with The Tea Tree’s ingredients? Share it with us in the comments!

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The Tea Tree

29 North River St. Batavia, IL 60510 



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