Ladies and gentlemen. I’m going to gush about the Up North Wine Tasting Room and all for very good reason. I love this place. But first let me back up a minute. I tell this to all the participants that are on the Know Your Neighbors of the Fox Valley video series, but I’m not sure I’ve shared it with you here. The reason why the series goes by that name is because the series is about THE NEIGHBORS. It’s not about the businesses, though I love those too. Its all about the people. That’s the heart of this series and my hope is that with each episode you feel that you get to know, like and trust those featured on the show. So, going back to the gushing part… these three women are authentically kind, caring, driven, smart and savvy. They are the reason I’m so excited to tell you about Up North Wine Tasting Room. I love the bar too, but truly I’m gushing about these fine ladies. They all are people who I am so very thankful to know as people and call friends. I think I could stop there and that would be enough for you to stop by for a visit, but let’s dive in what else makes the Up North Wine Tasting Room so amazing.

Cathy and her daughter Amy along with her daughter in law Mary all co-own this beautiful wine bar located in downtown Geneva. It’s very close to the Old Towne Pub & Eatery, Concierge Med Spa and Addelise Inc. Cathy came up with the idea for the Up North Wine Tasting room in November of 2021 and they opened their doors in May of 2022. They were quick to run with their dreams once they set their mind to it. And after talking with Mary, she informed me that’s the pace they move at all the time in everything they do. Did I mention they are driven?

Here’s what they have to say about their business, “Our story began over 15 years ago with a little family vacation to Northern Michigan. We are originally from Geneva, IL having moved there in 1993. Our busy lives were composed of work, children in school; extracurricular activities; and sports. With each visit, we noticed there was Illinois time and Michigan time. We welcomed the chance to decompress, relax, and slow down to a Michigan pace and quickly immersed ourselves in the culture. Thus, we built a cabin along with our children from the ground up, cultivating roots near Traverse City. Our attachment to Northern Michigan was visceral, wanting to experience all it had to offer. We soon discovered Old Mission Peninsula and Leelanau wineries that challenged the perception that only the finest wines can be made in California, France, or Italy. These areas sit on or near the 45th parallel of latitude, which has been a geographical marker for particularly good conditions for winemaking.

As we have grown to love Northern Michigan wines and the family owned wineries that make them, it is this very passion that inspired myself, my daughter and my daughter-in-law to bring the Northern Michigan experience home to Geneva, IL and share it with all of you. It is our mission to welcome our guests into a space that offers exceptional wines in a destination style environment that says, “slow down, relax, stay awhile…” Our story only continues and these next chapters include all of you.”

While you can always find wine from Michigan at the Up North Wine Tasting room, there’s reason for you to come back each month to sample wine from the featured vineyard. Each month they showcase the best of the best from the winery of the month. You can sit and have a glass with your friends and/or you can take home bottles to add to your collection or gift to family and friends. If you are anything like me, when I have a glass of wine I also like to have something to snack on as well. They have you covered in the department too! When I was there for a visit they had delicious cheese spreads, crackers, and meats all, again, from Michigan.

Watch their website and social media pages closely because they are also always planning super fun events and oftentimes will partner with other local businesses and restaurants.

So, the question is… who’s coming with me on my next visit? Send me a note and I’ll save us a table!


Cathy’s Favorites:

Store- The vintage market (north Aurora)
Things to Do: Geneva library kids area with grandkids
Restaurant- Foxfire

Amy’s Favorites:

Store – Flair on 3rd
Things to do- Peck Farm for families and kids
Restaurant – Turf Room

Mary’s Favorites:

Store- The Cottage Geneva (figured one of us would pick Jonnas store so I’ll head it lol)
Things to Do- visit Red Oak Nature Center after walking or biking the Prairie Path
Restaurant- The Walrus Room


Up North Wine Tasting Room

Address: 9 N 2nd St, Geneva, IL 60134Hours:
Thursday 4–9PM
Friday 1–10PM
Saturday 12–10PM
Sunday 12–7PM
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 4–8PM


Phone: (630) 345-6833


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