The House of Charlemagne is located at 221 W Main Street St. Charles, IL 60174.

The House of Charlemagne, owned and operated by Lauren Garbutt and Rachel Bryza is a gorgeous home décor store driven by a passion to create beautiful spaces with character and charm. Lauren and Rachel were excited to open their doors last spring in the heart of St. Charles. They are located right next to Bogart’s and across from Whiskey Bend. Lauren and Rachel met at Trend + Relic where their similar entrepreneurial mindsets bonded them as friends and future business partners.

I received a text from a friend shortly after posting a teaser for this episode and she immediately said, “Couldn’t you just live there?”. And, yes, that is a common sentiment upon visiting the House of Charlamagne. The space is inviting, and warm and welcoming in the way a space usually only is after having been lived in for many years. Somehow, these women have manifested this storied space in a matter of months. And they can do the same for your home or workspace! Rachel is available for on-site consultations where she can help you transform a blank canvas of a space into a treasured sanctuary for your home or place of business. Lauren is the resident furniture artist who transforms furnishings to their highest level. It’s truly an honor to have one of her pieces in my home – we love and use the dresser she worked on for us daily.

Whether you are looking for furniture, home décor, a vintage piece of history or a gift for a friend, the House of Charlemagne has what you are looking for. Tell Lauren and Rachel I said hello when you stop by for a visit!

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