The Bike Rack is located at 2930 Campton Hills Drive, St. Charles, IL 60175.

I can’t begin to count the times I’ve driven past The Bike Rack while on my way to downtown St. Charles. It’s a landmark in the Fox Valley in the same way that The Blue Goose Market or State Street Jewelers comes to mind when giving directions in the area. I was very excited to have time with Hal Honeyman, who has run The Bike Rack in St. Charles for 47 years with his family. Whether you are an avid cyclist, or just want to find a way for your family to get outside and spend time together, The Bike Rack has everything you need.

Hal started his journey with The Bike Rack when he was in college studying to be an architect. He loved it so much that when the owner decided to move on, he took over ownership and moved the brick and mortar store to where it currently lives right on Campton Hills Road. Hal and three generations of his family work at The Bike Rack. They have a large sales floor with standard bicycles for everyday riding, competitive cycling, e-bikes (that have built in battery power than can assist you in your ride), children’s bikes and custom built bikes that help people with physical limitations.

In fact, Hal and his team at the Bike Rack are so passionate about adaptive bicycles they started a non-profit called Project Mobility where they “change lives one bike at a time”. Hal told me countless stories of instances where The Bike Rack was able to help someone with limited mobility be able to cycle around and move at speeds and distances they never thought possible. He says, “No matter the age of the person getting on the bike, the smile is always the same”. Imagine, if you will, the look on someone’s face who thought they wouldn’t be able to walk around and have the freedom to get outside suddenly be given that opportunity. It really does change lives. If you would like to donate or get involved with Project Mobility go check out their website here: Or, you can participate in their annual 5K called Hops for Hope, where you get to drink your way through a 5K! More information here:

Do you have a friend or family member that’s passionate about cycling? The Bike Rack has many options to spoil that special someone in your life. From gear and protective wear, to Precision Fit consultations where you can bring your own bike into the shop and have every aspect of the bike fitted perfectly to your body. And, if your bike maybe has been sitting still for too long go ahead and bring it in for a tune-up in their service center where their expert team of mechanics will keep the bike in tip-top shape.

What are you waiting for? Go see Hal and his team of bike experts, and see what possibilities lie on the trail ahead for you! And, tell him Kristine says hi!


The Bike Rack



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